About Me

I am a portrait photographer with a passion and joy for making photos of families and capturing candid moments while we’re together. Why? Because there is just something about the love and enjoyment of one another I find in the family unit. One of the favorite parts of my job is our first consultation with one another. It gives me the opportunity to hear your story and to learn about your family dynamic. There’s always a joy and a warmth for one another that I am privileged to witness. So I take honor in just the Myself 1opportunity to sit down and have a coffee with you.

Shooting a family group can be a challenge for sure. Between posing each individual, and then making sure all are looking their best, it can be quite intimidating. However, nailing the shot makes it all worth it! My goal is to present you and your family with what I’d call, legacy products. I want to produce the kind of images for you that you will want to proudly display throughout your home, give them as gifts to other family members, and truly give you something that you will cherish forever.

I also enjoy capturing real moments between each family member. This could be as simple as catching your children together in a still portrait type image, or maybe at play outdoors. What about mom and dad having a special moment together?

There are so many great moments in the life of a family that you could call us in to shoot for you. Special birthdays. Special births. Graduations. And so many other accomplishments and special occasions.

When I do a birthday shoot, or senior photo shoot, I always ask if the parents would like to get a few shots of themselves, because it is a special family time to be celebrated. So you see, when I do a photo shoot of your loved ones, I realize they are not the only ones involved. It is almost always a family occasion so let’s include that the next time you call on me to make your photos for you.

My desire for our shoot together is to make you portraits that you will hang on to forever. And when you, or the person photographed, is no longer with us, then it is my prayer and hope that they have the portraits we made together for them to find comfort in. You see, a photo is a legacy. It is one very important item that we can leave behind for our loved ones. Don’t you cherish those photos of past family members, or past celebrations and memories?

So I ask, when was the last time your family was professionally photographed? Are there moments that you’ve wished you only had a photograph of a loved one or special event to bring back those cherished memories? Don’t wait any longer, give us a call and let us help you capture those moments that bring you joy. Call now 980-292-0070.

Looking to serve you,

Gerald Faulkner