What You Should Expect from Gerald Faulkner Photography

1. Professionalism and Caring: When you call, we answer the phone. When we meet, we’ll be dressed professionally. When we speak it is yes ma’am and yes sir. You will also find that we truly care about you, our client. We want to fulfill your needs to the fullest. Family portraits carry a wealth of emotion with them, and we want to make sure to respect that and to convey it clearly in the portrait.

2. In Person Meeting: Sure we can talk on the phone but we really need to meet you. It helps to ensure that we will meet your photography needs. We can meet at your home or a nearby coffee shop. Meeting in your home will allow us to see how your home is furnished, and decorated, to help assist in making suggestions on portrait placement, framing, and colors in the portrait. Meeting in person will also help to make the photo session go that much better because we will have had the chance at proper introduction and will have likely gotten to know one another through conversation. This will be the meeting in which we will handle the booking date and session fees to be paid, as well as help you understand our product offerings and prices.

3. Questions: Lots of them! What kind of portrait do you need? Who’s going to be in the photos? Where are you planning to use the prints? What style is your home? What hobbies are you and your family into doing together? We want to know you as well as some of your best friends so that we can provide the best portrait options for you and your home.

4. Personal Service: If you haven’t already gathered from the items above, it is our desire to give you the best photography service you’ve ever experienced. For this reason, we are not a high volume portrait photography studio. We are high touch and low volume with personal service being key. By the time we deliver your wall art and portraits to you, we will have likely spent 6 hours or more with you in person. We generally tend to serve only a couple clients each week so that our time is truly focused on your photography and your needs.

5. The Photo Session: In most cases the photo session itself takes between an hour to two hours depending on the situation. We will not rush you, but we also do not want to wear you down or take up your full day. We hope you’ll find the session a pleasure and that you enjoy the experience. You will not have to worry about standing in front of the camera not knowing what to do, because we will guide you through the process. During the consultation and conversations leading up to the photo session, we will help you decide on what to wear, and on locations for the photo shoot.

6. Comfortable Ordering Session: We believe our photography will sell itself so we do not pressure you to buy anything you have no desire to purchase. We help guide you to buy only what is right for your home by showing your personalized art on your walls using our software to help you choose the right size and style. If a smaller size portrait looks the best, then that is what we’d rather you purchase. Because we get to know you so well in the process leading up to the photo session, we should only present you with options that will fit your original desires. During your ordering session we will be sure to be as clear as possible about the prices of the products you are seeking as well as discuss the payment options available to you.

7. High Quality Products: Our portraits are printed, matted or mounted, to archival standards, and come on a variety of papers from your traditional Lustre to fine art 100% cotton papers. If canvas is what you desire, ours are handmade with a beautiful hand brushed acrylic finish. If you’re looking for something more modern, then we welcome you to try our metal prints, which are a high gloss image on an aluminum backing that will make the colors of the images pop. Acrylics are another great modern option that add a life like dimension to the portrait behind the quarter inch acrylic glass. We have portrait packages in luxurious folio boxes containing 7×10 inch matted portrait prints (11×14 mats) that add the flexibility of showing your art on the walls, sharing with family, or simply storing for safe keeping until you are ready to show them off to family and friends. Of course, we offer custom framing of all our prints and canvases by a local framer who uses only the highest standards.

8. Delivery: After all is said and done, we will deliver your wall art to you. Again, we believe in the highest quality of personal service, and what says personal service better than being served in the comfort of your own home? In many cases, we will even professionally arrange and hang your wall art for you!