A Year of Senior and Family Photography

At the end of 2016, I decided I would focus on photography as a serious business pursuit in 2017, instead of just the hobby it had been for 11 years. Over those 11 years, I predominantly photographed landscapes, with the occasional high school prom session thrown in from time to time.

Around March of this year, I seized the opportunity to help a group of people that were taking a branding workshop for entrepreneurs volunteering to be one of 5 photographers to help out. I was paired up with a young lady named, Lindsay, looking to start an in-home healthy meal prep service. This forced me out of my comfort zone working with someone I’d never met beforehand. However, I found it to be quite an enjoyable experience as we had a lot of fun with the session. The idea was to take some photos at the local farmer’s market, and then some at my home with her “posing” to prep a meal. Photographing in these two settings was a good challenge due to the lighting differences and needs…forcing me to experiment and learn.

It was after that experience with Lindsay that I decided I wanted to photograph people. That began with the idea of senior photography. Being as how my wife and I have worked with our church youth for so many years, and the fact that I enjoy working with that age, I decided to put my intentions out there. Senior-Andrew-KannapolisI took a former youth member (now 21) out for a fun modeling portrait session downtown Kannapolis and we had a great time. Around this same time, a mom of a teen in our church asked me to do a sweet sixteen session with her daughter.

A few weeks after those first couple of teen photo sessions, I was asked to do a family session for a cousin of my wife’s. So we set that up and had our family session on the property of my in-laws. Again, this was an enjoyable experience, along with its own set of new challenges for me. This also afforded me the opportunity to try another lighting situation full of challenges going from natural light, day light, to nightfall coming and using off camera flash.

After a year of experience photographing seniors, families, and children, there was still one more challenge to overcome…pets. So with that, my sister wanted some portraits made of her little man, Baxter, giving me just that opportunity. pet-portrait-hh-pearl-canvas-2Using my Christmas studio setups we did just that, as well as producing Christmas cards, prints, and a gorgeous pearl canvas of her little man.

I have truly had a blessed year with the opportunity to meet and work with so many different folks from all around my little town of Kannapolis. Thanks to you all for allowing me to work with each of you and your families. I have truly found something I have a great passion for and that serves people.

So here’s to a new year! A year in which I will be even more focus and know the direction I want to take Gerald Faulkner Photography. To you and yours, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

We shall see you again in 2018!